Gabriel Sharpton || Full-Stack Developer


I am a software developer that is trained in Full-Stack development and am a JavaScript nerd! I enjoy developing Web Apps and have found the challenges I come across to be really fulfilling. I always bring a new way of thinking of the problem and love sparking conversations that provide additional solutions to tough problems. Check out the languages I use and projects I made down below.

My favorite languages and frameworks:



My Projects

Back-end App
back end project

This is my first project that had a Back-end to it. It was developed using MongoDB, Express, Mongoose, Handelbars and was deployed to Heroku. It uses a MVC architecture and has full CRUD capability.

Hangman Game
hangman game made in javascript

This is a game made entirely from vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This was my first project at General Assembly. I learned how to use keycodes for input, so there is no bulky keyboard. This was a fun project that took me 5 days to complete.

card game devloped using react

This is a card game I made up with my friends and developed by myself using React. This project taught me a lot about how to deal with state and comparing elements of state to one another. It is still a work in progress.

group project, study tool for developers

This is a group project I made with 3 of my classmates. It is a basic study tool to help developers. My main contribution is in the front-end repo of this project.

VR Solar System
vr solar system

This is a solar system I made for a VR enviornment that you can view in browser. I used A-Frame and tested it in Glitch.


A project I made using React JS. I pulled movies from TheMovieDB (TMDB) API and rendered it using a combination of class based components and stateless functional components. I also used React Override for the animation of the movie posters.